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Happy Mother's Day

~A letter to Momma~

You’re my strength and you’re my peace…

I can never thank God enough for connecting the two of us. Rest assured that no other mother would do.
No other woman compares to you.

Your friendship, your support, your smile, your love and compassion keep me assured that even if you’re far away you love me all the same if not more and more each day.

Even when I slip up and make life’s mistakes, you’re always there…in my corner cheering with a sign that says… Momma Loves You!

I know I didn’t always listen. I know I didn’t always do what you asked of me the first time but, rest assured that you’re not just 99% correct, but 100%.

I appreciate you always. You’re the best gift I could have ever received. What really gets me is that through the 25 years of celebrating Christmas, you’re the only gift a young man could ever ask for or ever really need.

Why you ask? Well sweetheart…that’s because you are the Gift of Life and the Gift that keeps on giving!!!

I love you Momma…Happy Mother’s Day.


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