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Where to go from here…

So many times… I’m lost in it all. Is it ever okay to have too many options? Not as if I’m bragging about my own successes or that I don’t realize that many others don’t have the luxury of making their own decisions. I’m torn, stuck, at a loss of words and most of all don’t want to make any mistakes. I’m worried about the “What if” aspect I guess. What if I miss an opportunity in that city or with this company? What if I don’t like living in that state or this city? What if I don’t like the job I’ve taken. My mind races 1000 miles per hr searching for the right answers. Do I stay here? Do I go there? Or, to make matters worse, I’m wondering do I venture back to past schools, cities, experiences and places where people know me and where I have a reliable network? Or, do I go back to those places because my loved ones are there? I don’t know what to do! Many suggest to pray about things and God will make a way. I guess I’ve tried to rely on my own knowledge. But you know what they say… “Where KNOWLEDGE ends, FAITH begins.”


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