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Happy Mother's Day

~A letter to Momma~

You’re my strength and you’re my peace…

I can never thank God enough for connecting the two of us. Rest assured that no other mother would do.
No other woman compares to you.

Your friendship, your support, your smile, your love and compassion keep me assured that even if you’re far away you love me all the same if not more and more each day.

Even when I slip up and make life’s mistakes, you’re always there…in my corner cheering with a sign that says… Momma Loves You!

I know I didn’t always listen. I know I didn’t always do what you asked of me the first time but, rest assured that you’re not just 99% correct, but 100%.

I appreciate you always. You’re the best gift I could have ever received. What really gets me is that through the 25 years of celebrating Christmas, you’re the only gift a young man could ever ask for or ever really need.

Why you ask? Well sweetheart…that’s because you are the Gift of Life and the Gift that keeps on giving!!!

I love you Momma…Happy Mother’s Day.


Momma… I love you.

For every second you carried me. For the hours I gave you pain. For the moments I made you cry. For every night I had you up and worried sick. For every meal you fed me. For every day you clothed me… I love you. I can never thank you enough. I can never repay you. Just know that I’m FOREVER grateful. I love you more than life itself. You are my center, my world, my everything. God  was on his “A” game when he made you!

Pops…what can I say? You made me the Man I am today. For every birthday you missed. For every Christmas you weren’t there. For every game I gave you a personal recap of. For every graduation you were away…I am grateful. Thank you for serving the greatest land in all the world. Thank you for fighting for my freedom. Thank you for defending my dreams. Thank you for serving in the U.S. Army! Thank you for pushing me to be greater…and helping me realize that if I want anything in this world, have to go get it! By the way…I sold the Mustang and bought a BMW…so the car is running fine! HOOAHHHHHH!

Tori…you are my best friend! If I had a dollar for every laugh we shared…my my my… we’d have a great time spending it all! You are the sister I’ve always wanted. You showed me the ropes when no one else would. You coached me on the game of life, love and relationships better than anyone else and I’m forever grateful. Thank you for setting the bar high and being my educational compass. Its because of you that I earned my masters. I’m proud of you. though KJ’s early years were tough for you…I’m so so so proud of you. You never gave up. I respect and love you so very much. Thank you.

KJ, I remember when I held you for the first time. Now, we can’t hold you back. I want you to pursue your passions to the full extent. I want you to never doubt yourself and know that the world is in the palm of your hand. You can be whatever you want in this world and let no one tell you otherwise. Let no coach tell you that you’re too slow. Let no teacher tell you that you are too dumb. Let no girl tell you that you’ll never be loved. Let no boss fire you because you are better than they will ever be. I encourage you to dream the biggest of dreams. I encourage you to live the greatest life. Love until it hurts. Laugh until you can’t breath and eat and be merry. Life is a blast if you let it be. I love you. I support you. I am here for you always. Love your Uncle. Hey… Geaux Tigers!!!

To You who was there for me in a time of need…whether it was a ride to church, a home cooked meal, a couch to sleep on, a shirt to wear or a hug and a laugh or two…I thank you. To You who encouraged me… in a time of need, a time of doubt or encouragement to reach my full potential…I thank you.  To you who believed in me and seen the potential I did not yet see in myself… I’m forever grateful. I thank you. Sometimes it takes others to “speak life” into your life. Don’t fight it and don’t think that they are crazy. Also never be too naive to not believe what they are saying to you.  Recognize that you deserve to be great. Recongnize that you have abilities that you have not yet reached. You have heights that you have not yet seen. You have talents not yet shared with the rest of humanity. Be open to openess. Be open to learning that which you do not know. To accomplish that which you have not yet accomplished, one must do what one has never done. Trust me…this is very true.

NOTE: if your eyes have reached this page…Thank you. I would like to encourage “You” to have a RELENTLESS PURSUIT OF PASSION. Without it, i find life just going through the motions, and what good is giving a gift if the recipiant never receives it?

Cheers Young Scholars!

Where to go from here…

So many times… I’m lost in it all. Is it ever okay to have too many options? Not as if I’m bragging about my own successes or that I don’t realize that many others don’t have the luxury of making their own decisions. I’m torn, stuck, at a loss of words and most of all don’t want to make any mistakes. I’m worried about the “What if” aspect I guess. What if I miss an opportunity in that city or with this company? What if I don’t like living in that state or this city? What if I don’t like the job I’ve taken. My mind races 1000 miles per hr searching for the right answers. Do I stay here? Do I go there? Or, to make matters worse, I’m wondering do I venture back to past schools, cities, experiences and places where people know me and where I have a reliable network? Or, do I go back to those places because my loved ones are there? I don’t know what to do! Many suggest to pray about things and God will make a way. I guess I’ve tried to rely on my own knowledge. But you know what they say… “Where KNOWLEDGE ends, FAITH begins.”

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